We pride ourselves in supplying architects, interior designers, contractors and private customers with the highest quality timber products, accompanied by the very best technical advice. We have nurtured our reputation for quality over 20 years but, as we all know, the best indicator of success is happy customers.


  • John Gilbert Architects

    "We chose Russwood to provide the Scottish larch cladding, not only because it is locally sourced, but also as they could supply us with the required vacuum coated, pre-painted finish on the timber, in a great choice of colours.  We also recognised their knowledge and experience in timber cladding as we have been very happy when using their products on previous projects."

    John Gilbert Architects
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  • Robin Baker, Robin Baker Architects

    "Robin Baker Architects were delighted to use Russwood prime oak flooring because of its consistent high quality and finish. This warm and natural flooring, which has unified the main public space in the new Birks Cinema, will be very hard-wearing and easy to maintain."

    Robin Baker, Robin Baker Architects
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  • Edd Rushton, LOM Architecture

    “Painted Accoya® profiles provided a durable and cost-effective way of bringing new life to a tired 1970s façade and creating a vibrant new public face for the school. Russwood supplied pre-coated Accoya® cladding panels, as well as thicker profiles used in the louvred sun-screen, and offered specification and detailing advice throughout the project.”

    Edd Rushton, LOM Architecture
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  • Helena Huws, 7N Architects

    We have used Russwood for numerous projects and they have consistently provided high quality products backed up with excellent technical service. The product (Scotlarch® GripDeck®) had the slip resistant qualities we needed for this public platform which will be used by students and staff of RSAMD and Scottish Opera

    Helena Huws, 7N Architects
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  • Helen Lucas, Helen Lucas Architects

    Russwood have provided invaluable assistance on a number of our projects at many different scales over several years. In particular, their prompt response and technical advice in relation to our project at Ingleby Gallery enabled our clients to save their water damaged floor and carry out a full restoration to bring it back to its former glory. The quality of their floors has always been of an excellent standard, and we would not hesitate in recommending both their products and their people for any future projects.

    Helen Lucas, Helen Lucas Architects
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  • Ian McMillan, BDP

    “Russwood were able to offer a high quality and sustainable timber with excellent technical advice. We used the timber at ground level onto the landscaped pear tree orchard which gave a very warm and tactile feeling to the area which the public spaces open out onto.”  

    Ian McMillan, BDP
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  • Euan Whitmore, Assist Architects

    “Russwood have proved invaluable to the timber aspect of this development. Their product knowledge and advice – given at all stages from design to fit – have been tremendously helpful.”

    Euan Whitmore, Assist Architects
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  • Jenny Humphreys, Simpson & Brown Architects

    “Russwood have provided us with high quality, Scottish timber on many occasions and we trust them implicitly to meet our needs – however unusual our request!”

    Jenny Humphreys, Simpson & Brown Architects
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  • Greig Munro, Coast2Coast Architects

    “Russwood has an outstanding record of customer care – excellent attention to detail and quality of advice coupled with solving any problems that arise quickly, efficiently and to the customer’s satisfaction.”

    Greig Munro, Coast2Coast Architects
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  • Neil Stephen, Dualchas Architects

    "Russwood provide a consistent good service and product for architects which gives them confidence when specifying.  This ranges from advice on detailing and product selection through to after sales advice to customers. Architects jobs are made easier when both contractor and suppliers work as a team to provide great buildings – Russwood are very much team players and are an important component in the increasing amount and quality of timber-clad buildings being built in Scotland."

    Neil Stephen, Dualchas Architects
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  • Eoghain Fiddes, Fiddes Architects

    "Russwood provide a beautiful selection of wood products of the highest quality which allows me to specify their cladding, decking and flooring on numerous projects in the knowledge that they will deliver their high standard no matter the project size. The staff at Russwood are incredibly helpful with not only a passion, but excellent technical knowledge regarding their products which gives an invaluable asset when designing a project both at early and detail design stages.  In my experience they offer something that other suppliers don’t which is the reason why I shall be recommending them time and time again to my clients with confidence."

    Eoghain Fiddes, Fiddes Architects
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  • Robin Haddow, Robin Haddow Limited

    “I initially decided to use Russwood based on the superior samples of larch they provided, however, their ability to provide technical assistance and excellent lead times endorsed my decision to use them again.”

    Robin Haddow, Robin Haddow Limited
  • Jeremy Spencer, Vabel Limited

    “Russwood provided me with incredibly helpful technical advice on the inherent properties of Fraké and the detailing required in construction using this timber.  The speed of service matched their lead times, which were fantastic.”

    Jeremy Spencer, Vabel Limited
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  • Peter Richardson, ZM Architecture

    “Russwood introduced us to Accoya® initially, and provided us with the technical detailing necessary for this project, which in turn informed our design and installation ideas.  The properties of the wood made for an incredibly easy and efficient on-site installation of the fence”

    Peter Richardson, ZM Architecture
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  • Colin Anderson, G D Lodge Architects

    “I have found working with Russwood to be an enjoyable and informative experience. They offered an unparalleled level of technical expertise and advice from the project’s early stages and provided a first class advisory service on site. We and, most importantly, the client are very satisfied with the quality of the finished building.”  

    Colin Anderson, G D Lodge Architects
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  • Matthew Bradshaw, BDP

    “It is important to us to source sustainable and affordable timber from within the UK.  At Bents Green School, Russwood provided us with friendly, detailed, and extremely helpful technical guidance, and in Scotlarch® a timber cladding which is attractive, flexible in design terms, and met our budget requirements.”

    Matthew Bradshaw, BDP
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 Interior Designers

  • Emma Clanfield, Emma Clanfield Design

    “I came to Russwood for a multitude of reasons; the wide range of product finishes, your quality of product and prompt service due to the short lead time of my project, and my satisfaction with previous projects using Russwood products.”

    Emma Clanfield, Emma Clanfield Design
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  • Alison Vance, Jeffrey’s Interiors

    “We regularly recommend Russwood to our clients as they offer such an imaginative range of flooring finishes. We are always confident that they will have a product to fit our concept and, equally importantly, the technical advice to ensure that the floor looks good for a lifetime.”

    Alison Vance, Jeffrey’s Interiors
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  • Anja Fehling, ANTA

    “The informal lunchtime (CPD) session was exactly what we were looking for; Sarah’s technical knowledge was impressive and she was more than happy to answer all of our project-specific questions. As a result, I am confident that ANTA is better placed to advise our clients on their real wood flooring options - thanks Russwood!”

    Anja Fehling, ANTA
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 Trade Professionals

  • Bernard Planterose, North Woods Design

    “The vacuum coated Scotlarch® supplied for the project exceeded our expectations both in the beautiful subtlety of its translucency and the smooth consistency of its finish. Added to its local origins, its low embodied energy and the long-term fixation of carbon in its solid timber, it is harder to imagine a more environmentally sound cladding material at this time. Only time will tell in such an extreme environment, but we feel very confident that a combination of larch and factory applied coating will ensure an exceptionally long life for this cladding, given even a little regular maintenance, and we will certainly be using it again in the near future.”

    Bernard Planterose, North Woods Design
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  • David Narro, David Narro Associates

    "We used Russwood as suppliers of our flooring, cladding and expressed structural timbers as they were local to the project and because we knew that they would give a quality service, give good advice and supply only appropriate materials.  They are a friendly and very experienced team who gave us a service and supplied materials that could not have been bettered.  They are rightly considered the leaders in their field."

    David Narro, David Narro Associates
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  • Alan Douthwaite, AKG Homes

    “Over the years AKG Homes have always found Russwood to be very professional.  We get a fast response to all our queries, and the advice given is as good as it comes.  The NHBC inspectors are as delighted with the quality of Russwood’s SILA A/B® as we are – their quality control is spot on and keeps us coming back time and time again.”

    Alan Douthwaite, AKG Homes
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  • Donald Campbell, Heather Isle Chalets

    “Russwood supplied us with SILA cladding for our Heather Isle Chalets on the Isle of Lewis.  We chose it as it is a hard-wearing timber, ideal for our exposed location in the heart of the Hebrides, and it has given the chalets a beautiful, natural, rustic finish.  We coated the cladding with an Osmo UV protection oil to keep the colour of the timber fresh and we have to say, it is top grade wood.”

    Donald Campbell, Heather Isle Chalets
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