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Services work has begun with plumbers and electricians on site. Upgrading the power distribution system has started with the housing in the plant room; this power supply will become the main supply for both sawmill and the new office. The plant room is adjacent to the new boiler house, which is being clad in Scotlarch. Each nail has been hammered in by hand to ensure that the nail head doesn’t sit below the surface of the timber; a common occurrence when a nail gun is used. It is a labour intensive job to do this but one which will reap rewards as time goes on as water will not be able to collect in any indentations and cause potential damage.

John Duncan Roofing have been installing the aluminium box guttering and aluminium roofing sheets using stainless steel fixings. Rigi Systems supplied the sheeting - 50/167/833 trapezoidal profile which is 1.2mm thick and, each sheet being 14m long, eliminates the need for any joins which would be potential water traps due to capillary attraction. They also supplied the flat sheets for the flashings which are folded by John Duncan Roofing prior to installation. The aluminium sheeting supplied for the box guttering came from Aalco and this was also folded and welded by John Duncan Roofing both off and on site.