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Through a chilly wet August, with summer forgetting to visit Newtonmore, there were other visitors to site: flooring men came; ‘team render’ completed interior and exterior work; data cabling was installed; air quality was tested; electricians were busy; doors were hung; furniture arrived; window manifestations were applied and so on and so on. With not long to go now until the move, the car park is being completed and the last small areas of decking are being installed.

Russwood will soon be launching a new range of fixing systems for cladding and decking with the Austrian fixings experts, Sihga. Some of the decking products can be seen in the accompanying images:
DielenFix has been used on the front decking area which is a secret-fix decking solution. It creates a gap between the timber elements, ensuring optimum ventilation. This in turn leads to increased durability and no face fixings means it will be less susceptible to water damage. It compensates for the shrinking and swelling of the timber which means less risk of cupping or cracking and damaged boards can be replaced (if gap is 8mm or greater).

KompeFix is an alternative system that also improves ventilation by creating a gap between timber elements. It allows the timber to dry out between wetting cycles and enhances the durability of the deck. It also compensates for any shrinking and swelling of the façade or deck. The KompeFix ensures that the screwhead remains flush and is made from sustainable, recyclable plastic. L-Go Fix screws were used in conjunction with this which need no pre-drilling (unless using hardwoods). They have a small head diameter for neat and tidy detailing and the screw head is designed to remain flush with surface. Precision milled splines facilitate easy screwing and therefore there is less chance of damaged boards compared to nail gun application. They are made from hardened high-grade stainless steel.

JustiFix was used on both decks. This system prevents contact between the substructure and ground. It increases ventilation and therefore durability of the deck. Due to its design, no damage can be caused by any water gathering below the deck’s surface. There is no need to drive in posts – a lengthy, tricky and expensive process making it a quick and easy assembly. They are made from sustainable, recycled plastic.