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Cromarty Arts Trust was the venue for ScotGrad training last month for Viktoria Szilvas, our Architectural Liaison Assistant. Here's her account of her time at Russwood to date, and how she enjoyed the course:

"In September 2017, I secured a ScotGrad placement at Russwood and since then, I have built up my knowledge of timber, including Russwood’s range of cladding, decking and flooring products. In addition to my product knowledge, I have been learning about the different cladding profile options Russwood offer, including custom made, bespoke designs and coating options (SiOO:X is of particular interest to me – this is our recommended coating for even, accelerated weathering).

As part of the ScotGrad programme, I had the opportunity to attend a three day Business Management training course held in Cromarty. The training focussed on research requirements (internal audit and PESTLE Analysis), SWOT analysis and a case study for Business Canvas Model, and how to conduct a sales pitch.

It was great to see how Russwood incorporates these techniques to its operation and the case studies were a great way of helping me identify where there is potential for further developments to improve our services.

The course involved taking part in group workshops, including an ideas generation workshop for HIE's new website for SMEs, and preparing a sales pitch for a cold call.

The course concluded with presentations from each of the participants, my own presentation generating great interest in the samples I had of some of Russwood’s products.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to build good relationships with the other ScotGrads and I hope we can work together in the future."