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A highly durable, moderately stable material which offers a relatively clean look with attractive figuring 

Oak is a traditional cladding material. This is due primarily to an excellent level of durability, particularly when compared to other temperate hardwoods. Russwood’s oak cladding is sourced exclusively from Europe, ensuring a consistently high quality of product.


Russwood’s oak cladding is supplied in a naturally warm, light sandy shade. This species weathers slowly, eventually turning to a shade of silver/grey. 

There are relatively few knots in the wood and it has attractive figuring, therefore this species may be considered if you are looking for a clean and contemporary look.

Grades and specification

We grade our Russwood Oak Cladding to the following tight specification:

  • Graded from European Oak to QF-2
  • Presence on each face of small knots without limitation, and of a maximum of three sound knots per linear metre, maximum diameter not to exceed one third of the width of the timber or 25mm, or equivalent
  • Sapwood free on both faces
  • Kiln-dried to moisture content of 16-18% (+/- 2%)
  • PEFC-certified product sourced from sustainable forests in Europe

NBS Specification

For advice on completing the NBS H21 for Oak cladding please get in touch with our project team.


For external cladding purposes, oak is one of the most durable temperate hardwoods (Class 2 according to BS EN 350-2).  As such, it does not require any treatment due to its inherent natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. 

Although we would estimate that oak cladding has a lifespan of at least 50 years when subject to general outdoor exposure, this is a conservative estimate; it will last for many years more if the cladding is correctly detailed and adequately ventilated.  There is no reason for the product to decay, and its life is most likely to be cut short by fittings or other parts of the building’s façade eventually failing.

The way a façade is fixed and detailed can have a major effect on it’s lifespan. Our range of fixings and systems are designed by Austrian Timber Engineers to make cladding look better and last longer.


Russwood’s oak is kiln-dried to 16 – 18%, the optimal moisture content for external cladding. The benefit of kiln drying this product, as opposed to air drying it, is that the timber dries uniformly and therefore achieves optimum stability. 

Once the oak is kiln-dried, this enables machining of the product to achieve a superior finish.  It is then ensured, through the use of stringent quality control processes, that the optimal moisture level is retained until delivery to site.  The cladding can then be installed immediately upon delivery.


Due to its high percentage of heartwood and a minimum of sapwood (we guarantee that both faces will be sap free) oak is a dense timber (the densest supplied by Russwood), being classified by BS EN 350-2 as approximately 720 Kg/m3 at a moisture content of 18%.  As such it is not susceptible to damage and therefore is ideal for highly exposed elevations, or applications where there is the likelihood of physical damage such as knocks or scrapes (e.g. schools, shopping centres and public walkways).

Coating suitability

Oak can be vacuum coated in SiOO:X, a breakthrough silicone technology, to provide a genuine silver lustre. In effect, SiOO:X creates a weathered appearance at an accelerated rate. Following application, all areas, regardless of protection and exposure, take on a consistent tone which provides a solution to differential weathering. For further information about SiOO:X click here.

To retain the original colour of the cladding, we would recommend application of Osmo UV Oil.

Oak can also be fire-retardant treated, using either the NON COM® process, or using HR Prof as an on-site applicant. 


How timber is fixed is fundamental to it’s long term performance in terms of both appearance and durability. We offer a range of fixings and systems to make cladding look better and last longer. These systems can be written into the NBS H21 specification. For more information on our recommended fixings, click here.


We can advise you on the most suitable species and profile for your project. Visit our profiles section to view some of our most popular profiles, or speak to us to discuss further options.


All of our oak is sustainably sourced from well-managed forests in Europe, with all of our supplier mills being PEFC-certified.


Oak cladding is available in various lengths in Profile RW014 only. Please note that cladding is supplied as a linear meterage based on random stock lengths at time of picking order. Other sizes may be available on request.


Oak is a premium priced material, for quotation please contact a member of our sales team.


  • Traditional cladding material
  • Strong, dense timber
  • Excellent durability ensures longevity
  • Natural look
  • Can weather to a muted silver/grey
  • Sustainable


Please note that we have only listed the most popular profiles for each product but there may be others available. Please speak to us to discuss the best options for your project.