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Planed boards are run through our planing mill to create a smooth, dressed finish. View our profiles page for available types and sizes in all species. 

SILA A/B® Cladding Planed to RW014

SILA A/B® Cladding Planed to profile RW014


Microtex® is a contemporary, designer finish. The textured finish absorbs light, resulting in a matt look. Microtex® provides enhanced coating performance as the increased surface area of the cladding face enables enhanced adhesion properties. The Microtex® finish is a uniform, consistently fibrous surface finish which can be applied to all four sides.

IMG 9576

Siberian Larch Cladding with Microtex® finish

Wire Brushing

To create this effect, wire brushes are used to pull out the softer spring wood, exposing the harder summer wood, thus accentuating the grain and creating a beautifully textured surface.

NR173012 rs web

Thermopine® Cladding with Brushed finish


Siberian Larch is imported to the UK in board form. Depending on which mill it came from it can have irregular surface finishes. 

To avoid an unsightly surface finish, Russwood skim the face of each board to provide a clean, unblemished fine-sawn finish. For example, circular sawn marks, twin-arbour lines, paint marks, grease marks or compression marks from steel securing bands. Sawn skimmed finish is more rugged/ “rural”.

110 Findhorn 66354ARC rs surface

SILA A/B® Skimmed boards

See a short video of our skimming process below.