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We have put together a concise guide to enable you to compare our decking products in order to ensure that you select the appropriate species for your project. To find out more about each product, simply click on the product name at the top of the table.

Species Thermopine SILA Decking Vertical Grain
Siberian Larch
Origin Scandinavia Siberia  Siberia South America
Density* (Kg/m3 at 18% Moisture Content)


Medium density






Very dense

Durability Class* (1 is 'Very Durable' > 5 = 'Not Durable' 2 3  3 2
Stability Good Good  Very Good Excellent
Presence of Knots Many Many  Few Very Few
Gripdeck® Anti-Slip Treatment Yes (not brushed) Yes  Yes Yes
Treatment Required No No  No No
Environmental Certification PEFC® FSC®  FSC® FSC®
Modified Timber Yes No  No No
Lengths (m) Up to 5.1m Up to 6m  Up to 5.1m Up to 4.85m
Width (mm) 115 143  92 145
Starting Price (per m² excluding VAT) ** £32 £41  £46 £58

* As classified by BS EN 350-2

** Please note that these prices change on a regular basis, due to the fluctuating prices of timber, so the figures above should be used as a guide only