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GripDeck® is a highly effective slip-resistant solution which can be applied in-house to all Russwood decking products.

GripDeck® is the optimal solution to ensure that your Russwood deck will look good and remain safe all year round. For projects where health and safety are paramount this product is recommended, as it is backed up with impressive slip-resistant credentials.

The product

The GripDeck® solution incorporates a blend of resin, fillers and hardwearing anti-slip bauxite aggregate, which is injected into the grooves of the decking boards, then allowed to cure.  The finished strips will sit 1-2mm above the decking boards, providing a pleasing yet practical finish.

In-house production

Russwood manufacture GripDeck® in-house at our Highland sawmill. The advantages of this are that we have complete control of the production process, therefore can offer a consistent quality of product which features a high level of customisation and a minimal lead time.


Unlike many commonly available anti-slip solutions, which are retro-fitted into decks, this product, due to its composition and the fact that it hardens once fitted, is extremely tough and exceptionally durable. The GripDeck® solution will never require replacement, and is more than likely to outlast the timber deck’s service life of approximately 30 – 60 years. In summary; this product is made to last.

Slip-resistant credentials

GripDeck® has been tested in laboratory conditions in accordance with guidelines recommended by the UK Slip Resistance Group. The results rate the product as having “extremely low potential for slip” (BS7976:2002 Part-1 3 using the Stanley Pendulum Test). GripDeck® is therefore particularly desirable for bridges, stairs, ramps, forest walkways and commercial environments such as cafes, pub gardens, shopping centres, parks, marinas and fish farms.

For further information on the slip-resistance of this product, please go to the GripDeck® website.


GripDeck® can be applied to both our smooth and grooved profiles and two strips per decking board will provide excellent slip resistance in both wet and dry conditions.


A key benefit of the Russwood product is that we can cut each board to the length you specify, prior to the application of GripDeck®. This means that no time-consuming measuring or cutting will be required on site, thus the significant cost of saw blades and downtime will be avoided, ensuring that the deck can be quickly and cost-effectively installed.

If you do wish to cut boards on site, instructions for cutting must be followed in order that blades are not quickly blunted. Please note that supply of non-standard lengths will incur an additional charge.


The price for decking fitted with GripDeck® starts from £62 per mfor Thermopine decking, £64 per mfor SILA decking and £80 per mexcluding VAT for Garapa decking.


  • Ideal for commercial projects where safety is paramount
  • Extremely tough and long-lasting
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • High level of customisation possible
Line Architecture
The materiality of the project was key to its visual integration into the landscape. Russwood were very knowledgeable about their products and patiently assisted us in varying our specification until it was balanced with what we were trying to achieve.

Darran Crawford