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Adjustable decking substructure support adjustable from 35mm-500mm

This system greatly reduces assembly time as JustiFix® is adjustable from 35-500mm*, making setting out and accurate levelling of the substructure upon the foundation a significantly easier and quicker task than before. Minimum skill is required, therefore eliminating the time consuming and expensive installation of posts.

JustiFix® avoids decay issues which would normally occur when timber underbuilding contacts the ground and reduces the probability of water gathering underneath. This enhances ventilation and therefore greatly increases the durability of the substructure and the boards.

Decay is a common timber decking issue in the UK as due to our wet climate, the timber may be subject to excessive humidity levels for a prolonged period of time. Water damage is most likely to happen when the deck is unable to dry out due to poor ventilation or because there are water traps on, or under the deck. JustiFix® provides a lifetime of stability and durability for both domestic and commercial decking projects.


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