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SenoFix® SX significantly increases the lifespan of your decking

SenoFix® provides a fixing-free face and therefore a clean, refined surface. The risk of unsightly overdriven screws and resulting water traps are eliminated. 


SenoFix® is only suitable for use with our RW215/RW214 Thermopine® decking, offers outstanding levels of dimensional stability. Compared to unmodified pine it can be up to 40% more stable. This means it stays flat and is significantly less affected by cupping or crowning when subjected to extremes of wetting and drying. 

SenoFix® secret fixing solution for Thermopine® is a tough, UV resistant and rust proof fixing, which permits movement (frequently the movement can be from the underbuilding joist and framework) and ensures the free flow of air around the boards. This avoids saturation of the timber and enables rapid drying of wetted decking, thus reducing the risk of slipping. The SenoFix® clips makes decking 50% faster to install than conventional face fixing (when used with TerrassenFix® Clamp).

The movement accommodated by the SenoFix® clip eliminates the risk of squeaks developing. Squeaky decking is usually a result of face fixing the decking with screws directly to joists with no allowance being made for movement.


  • Refined decking appearance due to no face fixing
  • The timber remains well-ventilated thus preventing algae growth and the resulting slippy boards
  • Increases the lifespan of the timber
  • Saves 50% installation time
  • Rust-proof and break-proof fastening