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Russwood offer Douglas Fir, Scottish Larch and European Oak beams which can be used internally and externally both for structural support, and to enhance the overall look of the building.

For structural use, our in-house experts are certified by BM TRADA to grade softwood to the visual strength grades set out in BS:4978, and hardwood (tropical and temperate) to the visual strength grades set out in BS:5756. On completion, certification can be provided as required.


  • Douglas Fir heartwood is an attractive red/pink colour, with contrasting white sapwood and a pronounced grain featuring some live knots
  • Scottish Larch beams encompass a warm mix of colours: from pale orange/brown through to reddish brown shades
  • Oak is a golden brown colour and features a straight grain with very few knots

All of these species, when used externally, weather to a beautiful shade of silver grey. When used internally, the colour will remain fairly consistent over time.

Checks and splits are an inherent characteristic of the beams, and in no way do they compromise their structural integrity.


The durability of the different species will be entirely dependent on whether the beam is used internally or externally, and in which type of application and setting. For further information on this, please speak to our technical team.

Strength grade

Generally, the strength grades used will be C16 for softwood (Douglas Fir and Scottish Larch) and D30 or D40 for hardwood (European Oak).

Treatment suitability

When used externally, we would recommend that Douglas Fir and Scottish Larch beams are pressure impregnated to increase their durability (for further information on pressure treating, including photos, please go to our Scotlarch® decking page). Please note that oak beams do not require pressure treatment.

When used internally, it is common practice to apply protective oil to the beams, in order to co-ordinate with other home fittings/oak flooring. We would recommend Osmo Polyx Oil for this application.


Beams are available in sizes ranging from 150mm x 150mm up to 300mm x 300mm, dependent on availability.

We stock various lengths from 3 - 6 metres but longer lengths may be available. We can re-saw beams to your exact specification. Please discuss your requirements with our technical sales team.