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What is 17th Century flooring?

17th Century is a luxurious range of aged and distressed oak flooring products which evoke a feeling of times past. 17th Century flooring is available in solid or engineered boards which are supplied pre-finished in an Osmo Polyx® Hardwax-Oil of your choice. The aged and distressed appearance is created by applying a range of finishing techniques such as hand scraping, rolling and tumbling, before hand-filling knots with a natural filler which dries to leave them sunken and beautifully antiquated. Examples of our 17th Century flooring can be viewed here.

Finishing options

European Oak is widely considered to be the finest available worldwide due to it’s attractive colouring, figuring and durability properties. All Russwood oak flooring originates from the same highest quality raw material, making finishing options purely an aesthetic preference.

The 17th Century range can be customised to your requirements, with a wide range of finishing options available, as outlined below. These options may be selected on their own or as a combination.

Hand scraped

Hand scraping is reminiscent of a technique used years ago, prior to machine-based sanding and the stunning effect holds true today. In order to create an aged authenticity, the straight edges of the boards are scraped by hand to provide a beautiful irregularity.


The rolled effect is produced by re-machining the top of the boards with a uniquely formulated steel roller, resulting in randomly positioned surface indentations and a lightly distressed look.


Tumbled is similar to Rolled but because the boards are more heavily distressed the aged effect becomes far more pronounced, particularly at the edges. The boards are tossed around in a drum along with chains, nuts and bolts to randomly distress the surfaces; no two boards are ever the same.

Which grade is available? 

Our 17th Century range comes in a grade which retains a rustic charm, but the knots are much smaller than those you could expect from a character grade board. Knots are hand filled with a natural filler which upon drying become sunken and beautifully antiquated which provides an authentic, period feature. Our 17th Century range is also available in prime grade.

Which colours are available? 

17th Century boards are supplied pre-finished with Osmo Polyx® Hardwax-Oil in a choice of 9 different colours - from white, through honeyed golden tones, to rich shades of ebony. Before being oiled, boards can be smoked; this process adds rich, deep variations of colour to the palette, providing another 6 colour options. View these colours using our colour guide.

What size of boards are available?

Our range of 17th Century prefinished products are available in the following sizes:


  • Solid 20mm thick: 120mm, 150mm; 170mm; 185mm
  • Engineered 15mm thick: 155mm; 190mm; 225mm


  • Solid: 40% of floorboards will be between 0.5m and 1.65m long, 60% will be 1.7m or longer, up to a maximum length of 2.8m
  • Engineered: floorboards will be between 0.7m and 2.4m long with at least 85% of boards guaranteed to be over 1.49m long

Can I order skirtings and stair nosings to match my floor?

Yes. We can supply a range of stair treads, stair nosings, skirtings, thresholds and tables to match floors, helping unify spaces within your project. See more on our skirtings and stair material page.

In addition, our flooring is carefully dried to 8-10% moisture content (+/- 2%), making it perfect for other internal joinery applications such as wall cladding.

What is the expected thermal performance when using underfloor heating?

TOG Rating:

Solid Board 20mm 1.32 TOG

15mm 2 layer Engineered Board 1.24 TOG

Heat Transfer:

15mm 2 layer Engineered Board 0.118 Wm2k


Prices for our 17th Century Oak flooring start at £68.00 per m2 excluding VAT.

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Our floors are bespoke and made to order - we don't stock standard ranges. We can help and guide your choice, with expert staff who are knowledgeable, experienced and very helpful - call us on 01540 673648.

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Our firm has a long history with Russwood. The service before and after installation is excellent and the staff have specialist knowledge of how their products perform in a Scottish environment over a long period of time.

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