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What is Unfinished flooring?

Our Unfinished Flooring - commonly referred to as "untreated" or "natural" flooring – can be supplied in solid or engineered boards and as the name suggests, requires finishing on-site, giving you complete control over the look and finish of your floor. Having been machined, the surface of the boards are left in their raw state and therefore require a coating before being exposed to foot traffic. Examples of projects featuring our unfinished flooring can be viewed by clicking on "Product Gallery" at the left hand side of this page.  

Which options are available? 


This is our most rustic style of flooring, where knots and imperfections have been left unfilled to retain the traditional, natural look of the floor. For a warm, rustic feel this grade is the optimal choice (please note that planed is not available in engineered boards). 


In this, our most popular unfinished floor, all knots have been filled and sanded to complement the natural figuring and colour of the boards. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for less rustic appearance than Planed. 

Wire Brushed 

To create this effect, wire brushes are used to pull out the softer spring wood, exposing the harder summer wood, thus accentuating the grain and creating a beautifully textured surface. Knots are hand filled prior to brushing leaving the boards ready to oil after installation. 

Which grades are available?

European Oak is widely considered to be the finest available worldwide due to it’s attractive colouring, figuring and durability properties. All Russwood oak flooring originates from the same highest quality raw material, making grade selection purely an aesthetic preference.

Our unfinished floors are available in Character, Prime and Prime Plus grades, all of which feature boards that are carefully hand graded and selected to your specification, as outlined below;


Ideal for naturally inspired interiors. The beautifully prominent figuring - a mixture of heartwood, sapwood and large knots - illustrates the true, rustic nature of this premium timber flooring. 


Clean, contemporary and incredibly stylish. Each board has been carefully selected to ensure that the beautiful figuring of the wood is highlighted but, only small pre-filled and sanded knots are present.

Prime Plus 

In addition, we offer a Prime Plus grade where only exceptional boards with occasional pin knots are selected from our prime grade. This is a truly special product and is therefore subject to raw material availability. 

Which finish would you recommend?

We recommend finishing your unfinished floor with an Osmo Polyx® Hardwax-Oil. Doing so will provide long-lasting protection whilst increasing the floor's durability and stain-repelling properties. Due to the depth of penetration achieved, Osmo Polyx® Hardwax-Oil preserves the character and appearance of the wood and ensures that your floor is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Osmo Polyx® Oil is widely regarded as the highest quality Hardwax-Oil on the market and is available to buy through our online shop. For a list of Osmo oil colours available please go to the colour guide.

The alternative to hardwax-oil is a lacquer or oil-based system, which in our experience do not protect or enhance the natural beauty of the wood to the same extent as a hardwax-oil. In addition, chipping, scratching and cracking have traditionally caused issue when using these systems; issues which are not easily rectified without recoating the entire floor space. For further information on hardwax-oil versus lacquer, and instructions on how to oil and maintain your floor, please go to Technical Support.

What size of boards are available?

Our unfinished oak flooring products are available in the following sizes:


  • Solid 20mm thick: 150mm; 170mm; 185mm
  • Engineered 15mm thick: 155mm; 190mm; 225mm


  • Solid: 40% of floorboards will be between 0.5m and 1.65m long, 60% will be 1.7m or longer, up to a maximum length of 2.8m
  • Engineered: floorboards will be between 0.7m and 2.4m long with at least 85% of boards guaranteed to be over 1.49m long

Can I order skirtings and stair nosings to match my floor?

Yes. We can supply a range of stair treads, stair nosings, skirtings, thresholds and tables to match floors, helping unify spaces within your project. See more on our skirtings and stair material page.

What is the expected thermal performance when using underfloor heating?

TOG Rating:

Solid Board 20mm 1.32 TOG

15mm 2 layer Engineered Board 1.24 TOG

Heat Transfer:

15mm 2 layer Engineered Board 0.118 Wm2k


Prices for our Unfinished Oak flooring start at £43.40 per m2 excluding VAT.

Gray Marshall & Associates
I send lots of clients to Russwood. The staff don't try to sell you a floor; instead they fit the product to your project, and the quality is excellent.

Allan Marshall, Gray Marshall & Associates