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The most appropriate board structure - solid or engineered - will depend on the project in question and any decision should be made having considered the following variables; humidity, room size, sub-floor, likely temperature fluctuations and desired board width. The main characteristics of our solid and engineered boards are outlined below and should prove useful when deciding on the most appropriate board structure to suit your domestic or commercial project.


Russwood's solid oak floor boards are 20mm thick and are suitable for many project types. There is no overriding reason why a solid oak floor should be chosen over an engineered one. Solid boards are crafted from one piece of oak and as such, traditionalists may perceive this as a more luxurious option. However, once laid they look identical to engineered boards and are fitted in exactly the same way.

Our solid oak floors can be used on top of underfloor heating, although we would advise that a maximum board width of 150mm is selected.


Engineered oak flooring is created from multiple layers of plywood topped with solid oak, making it the most versatile option due to the increased level of stability it affords. The top layer of oak - known as the lamella - is thick enough to ensure that it will last a lifetime and has the added benefit of a cross-glued multi-ply backing which greatly increases the stability of the board. Our multi-ply backing is constructed solely from birch; a longstanding favourite of furniture and cabinet makers due to it’s lack of knots, inherent durability properties and immense strength when layered together and bonded into ply. A high strength, formaldehyde-free adhesive is used to bond the oak lamella to the plywood; ensuring boards are exceptionally strong and free from harmful substances.

The increased stability gained from selecting an engineered board is perfect for projects in which very wide boards are desired or where the floor is to be installed over underfloor heating, as the boards may be subject to considerable changes in temperature. Also, in areas of excess moisture, such as bathrooms, engineered flooring is a safer option to reduce the natural shrinking/swelling of the timber.

Russwood's engineered oak boards are available in 15mm thick; boards include a 4mm oak top layer. Once laid, engineered boards look identical to solid boards and are fitted in exactly the same way.

Helen Lucas Architects
Our firm has a long history with Russwood. The service before and after installation is excellent and the staff have specialist knowledge of how their products perform in a Scottish environment over a long period of time.

Claire Metivier, Helen Lucas Architects