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Cladding: Vacuum Coated Scotlarch® in mixed profiles

The Findhorn Foundation, situated on the Moray Coast, has long been synonymous with spiritual awareness and eco-friendly living.  Duneland Ltd., formed from members of the Foundation, contracted John Gilbert Architects to design an innovative ecovillage, with the focus being on their guiding principles of low environmental impact in both construction and subsequent living.

Future Focus

The solution was provided by Duneland at East Whins (adjacent to Findhorn Village).  This highly energy efficient and community focussed development was design-led by members of the existing community, and the future residents.  The project included green building practices, exceptional passive solar design and high levels of insulation, as well as utilising local, recycled and green building materials and existing renewable energy sources.  All of these factors led to the attainment of the GIA award for both Sustainable Design and Wood for Good.

Multiple Benefits

The architects incorporated terraced housing into the development, recognising the energy and economic benefits inherent in this form of building design.  To provide clear definition of ownership, and also with awareness of the ecological, thermal and acoustical benefits of timber, they chose to clad each property in brightly coloured, vacuum coated Scotlarch®.  This ensures that each house maintains its individuality, but is very definitely part of the wider community, and one that stands out as beautifully unique!

Continued Satisfaction

The architects stated: “We chose Russwood to provide the Scottish larch cladding, not only because it is locally sourced, but also as they could supply us with the required vacuum coated, pre-painted finish on the timber, in a great choice of colours.  We also recognised their knowledge and experience in timber cladding as we have been very happy when using their products on previous projects”.

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