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Mhairi Grant (co-founder of Paper Igloo Architecture and Design and daughter of Ken) designed a space that was commodious without being cavernous, capable of accommodating visiting family yet not overwhelming for her retired parents. Paring back any modifications to the original house, the roof was raised imperceptibly to create a double-height dining kitchen; coupled by glazed, frameless links to two new timber clad ‘barns’ that provide both permanent and guest living space in turn. A Cor-ten clad circulation tower abuts the rear of one, evoking the agricultural origins of the area.

The choice of exterior materials furthers the integration into the landscape: the crisp detailing of the barns is both enabled and enhanced by the silvering of the Siberian Larch cladding, which continues onto the roof and combines with the red steel on the tower to address the palette offered by the surrounding farm buildings.

Natural Density

Mhairi explained: “We chose SILA A/B for the exterior to form a tactile, homogeneous skin that evokes the familiar silhouette of a home. The natural density of the larch not only permitted the crisp detailing required for the vertical corners, eaves and ridge, but also allowed the timber to continue into the interior of the build. We machined the SILA for external/internal window and door liners, creating cill and rectangular sections that were biscuit jointed on site. Having used Russwood products previously, we were confident that the quality of their product would provide us with the look and performance we demanded.”


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