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Russwood’s team of technicians and cladding specialists have worked closely with architects for more than 20 years, in which time they have developed a keen understanding of their requirements. Foremost among those is the need for cladding products that are low maintenance and offer uniform weathering. The development of a new R&D building and flooring showroom on the Newtonmore site therefore provided an ideal opportunity not only to showcase Russwood’s high quality products, but to test them out and allow clients to see them ‘in action’.

The gable end of the new extension achieves an innovative approach to timber cladding design. The vertical, open rainscreen arrangement with varying board widths and projecting fins creates an intricate pattern and a volumetric, three-dimensional character. The cladding benefits from contemporary fixing solutions.

For comparison purposes, two thirds of the boards and fins are face-fixed with L-GoFix® stainless steel screws, which don’t require pre-drilling, together with KompeFix® compensation strips to create a ventilation gap. One third of the boards benefit from the fixing-free look provided by secret-fix option FassadenClip®, with both of these fixing solutions improving ventilation and thereby enhancing the durability and stability of the timber.

The choice of timber was Siberian Larch SILA A/B® grade, factory-coated in SiOO:X, which delivers long lasting, uniform weathering. In this case the boards were treated with a pigmented SiOO:X Mid Grey, which gave an instant weathered grey look and offers a striking contrast to the warm golden colour of the adjacent wall.

The addition of fins over the window blends the opening, providing solar shading and unifying the overall gable end look, resulting in a truly vibrant aesthetic.

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