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While living in England, the client purchased a derelict cottage and steading atop a rocky Highland hill with panoramic views of the Cairngorm Mountains and the Spey Valley. Her architect (also her son) had the sensitivity to imagine a dwelling that respected the surrounding context.

Preserved and Recreated

The footprint, massing and materials of the original cottage and steading were preserved and recreated in two new stone-walled structures, while a Link building is more contemporary but deliberately subservient to the structures it connects.

Russwood timber is key in defining the two aesthetics. The Steading is clad in traditional Scottish larch timber, in the traditional vertical ‘board on board’ style consistent with the surrounding agricultural buildings. By contrast, the Siberian larch cladding in the Link features contemporary detailing, with small, sharp edge horizontal profiles, mitred at every corner. Warm, Engineered Unfinished Character A (hand finished on site) flooring used throughout the interior creates a consistent, understated aesthetic that allows the natural beauty of the landscape to take centre stage.

Crisp Modern Detailing

"The materiality of the project is key," said architects Stuart Archer and Liz Marinko. We worked closely with the technical division of Russwood to ensure that we specified appropriate timber that worked both functionally; in terms of weathering and installation, and aesthetically; making sure the correct profiles were used to create the crisp, modern detailing we wanted to achieve.'

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