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Cladding: Scotlarch® in customised RW014 Profile

Unit 11 at the Enterprise Park, Forres was won by Threesixty Architecture in a design competition held by Highlands and Islands Enterprise. The brief was to design and deliver a 1,000sq.m. sub-divisible shell building suitable for light manufacturing purposes – specifically for skill based or clean technologies – with at least 50% expansion potential. 

Threesixty Architecture’s design concept for flexibility and aesthetics is derived from the Scottish agricultural vernacular. The architectural language has been inspired by the surrounding landscape and park and is expressed through the marriage of timber cladding and profiled aluminium.

BREEAm Excellent Standards 

The building has the flexibility to cater for a range of diverse uses, including light industrial, life sciences or office and was designed to BREEAM Excellent Standards. A combination of windows and rooflights allows natural light to flood into the building to provide a pleasant working environment, while the double height wings allow multiple configurations of large service doors and windows.  Unit 11 is cost effective to run in terms of energy usage and maintenance requirements and has utilised proven construction practices to benefit the client and potential tenants including air-tight building designs and renewable technologies.

When it came to the choice of timber, Scotlarch achieved the required performance and aesthetic, whilst also delivering excellent value. Russwood helped Threesixty Architecture to detail up an open-board cladding approach to promote airflow and achieve even and consistent weathering. The building was designed to BREEAM Excellent standards and the product helped to achieve this with an A+ Green Guide rating as well as its inherent robustness and durability. Furthermore, the use of a Scottish product reduces air miles further boosting the environmental credentials of the building.

Comprehensive NBS specification 

Russwood were efficient and helpful when dealing with queries. They provided a comprehensive NBS specification in line with a very tight procurement programme. Their technical advisors gave sound advice regarding weathering, detailing and insect mesh etc. They are knowledgeable and proactive and always go above and beyond to ensure clients and designers are given the appropriate knowledge as and when required.

The building is located in the Enterprise Park at Forres, with fabulous views across the Moray countryside. The building’s height and prominent location within the park maximise these views and allow the building to relate and connect to the wider landscape.

Controlled Architectural Framework 

Flexibility and adaptability were fundamental to the concept and design strategy and Threesixty Architecture carried this conceptual approach through to the detailed design phases of the project. An example of this was the development of a system of removable timber panels that allowed for the future installation of additional windows within a controlled architectural framework.

Halfway through the shell and core build, an occupant for the building was found by the client. The occupant required office and industrial spaces, so a new floor was added, and the windows on the ground floor were moved to replace the removable panels on the first floor. This demonstrated that the innovative flexible approach was successful in achieving the client’s aspiration while retaining the building’s design integrity.

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