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SiOO:X Surface Protector (Part 2) image

SiOO:X Surface Protector (Part 2)

From £6.00 inc VAT

SiOO:X is a patented Silicon technology, which is applied in two parts (Wood Protector & Surface Protector) to provide consistently weathered cladding at an accelerated rate.

Please note, 2 coats of Part 1 and 1 coat of Part 2 of the SiOO:X treatment must be applied as per the application instructions.

How a façade weathers is dependant on the location, design and the species of timber used. Facades which have not weathered as evenly as expected may be deemed unsightly due to inconsistent colouration. A common example of this is when boards protected by the building’s eaves maintain their natural colour whilst the exposed areas of the building weather down to a grey colour. SiOO:X is a solution to this problem. In the months following application all boards will turn the same tone regardless of their colour and exposure to the elements prior to application, resulting in a desirable, consistently weathered look. More information on SiOO:X as well as answers to Frequently Asked Questions, can be found on our dedicated SiOO:X page.

Application Recommendations 

Detailed instructions on how to apply the two-part SiOO:X system can be downloaded here. Please note that the Surface Protector MUST be well shaken prior to use.

Estimated coverage for brush coating

SiOO:X Wood Protector: 1st coat 6-8 m2/litre; 2nd coat 10-12m2/litre

SiOO:X Surface Protector: 8-12 m2/litre

Additional Info

SiOO:X is supplied in two seperate parts, Wood Protector and Surface Protector.

Wood Protector is available in tubs of the following sizes;

  • 250ml (sample pot)
  • 3 litres
  • 5 litres

Surface Protector is available in tubs of the following sizes;

  • 250ml (sample pot)
  • 3 litres
  • 5 litres

Product downloads

SiOO:X Surface Protector COSHH Safety Data Sheet