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Fire Cavity Barriers image

Fire Cavity Barriers

From £8.21 inc VAT

Timber cladding is installed with an open cavity behind it, in order to allow moisture dissipation and ensure adequate ventilation. Unfortunately, the chimney effect that this cavity creates can assist the spread of fire. To combat this, easy-to-install ventilated fire barriers maintain the cavity under normal conditions, allowing air to circulate freely. Subsequently, in the event of fire, these intumescent barriers quickly expand to seal off the cavity and prevent the spread of fire.

The main advantages of this product are as follows;

  • Limits spread of smoke and fire
  • Sealed to ensure protection from the elements
  • Performance unaffected by moisture
  • Suitable for ventilated cavity barriers of 15 – 50mm
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Quick and easy installation (supplied in easy-to-cut metre lengths, with only 2 – 4 fixings per length required)
  • Fire tested by Chiltern International Fire to achieve a fire rating of at least 30 minutes in timber structures
  • Enables compliance with building regulations
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Eliminates the need for a solid fire barrier to be incorporated into the building’s design


General information and fitting guidelines

Additional information

The FF102/25 can be used in cavities with a maximum depth of 25mm, whilst the FF102/50 can close off larger cavities of up to 50mm. Please note that these are the standard sizes supplied by Russwood, but we can supply larger barriers on request – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The price of each barrier is per linear metre, therefore please state in the quantity section below how many linear metres you require.