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From £40.54 inc VAT

L-GoFix®MS screws have been designed by Austrian timber engineers to achieve optimum timber performance and detailing. Patented L-GoFix®MS screws are precision milled from hardened, highgrade stainless steel. The sharp flanks of the screw thread allow optimum anchoring without causing the timber to split and the precision milled splines on the shaft ensure that Scotlarch®, SILA A/B®, Natural Cladding®, Western Red Cedar and Accoya® do not require pre-drilling. We would, however, recommend pre-drilling hardwoods.

The small diameter of the flush-drilling head allows for clean, consistent detailing within your project. Tip: for optimum structural wood protection and in order to reduce the shearing pressure on screws (due to natural movement of the wood). We recommend the use of KompeFix®.


L-GoFix®MS are available in the following sizes and quantities;

  • 4.5 x 50mm (boxes of 400 or 2000)
  • 5.0 x 60mm (boxes of 200 or 1000)
  • 5.0 x 70mm (boxes of 200 or 1000)
  • 5.0 x 80mm (boxes of 200 or 1000)
  • 5.0 x 90mm (boxes of 200 or 1000)

Please note that other sizes and colours may be available on request.



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