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Osmo Wash & Care


£13.07 inc VAT

Osmo Wash & Care is a concentrated, biodegradable cleaning liquid that is easy to apply and is highly suitable for use on all wooden floors.

Regular use of one capful of this product in your mop water will create a more resistant surface, preventing the floor from being marked so easily in the future. This product can be used as often as necessary, as it does not form a film or leave residue on the surface.


As a guide, it is estimated that one litre will clean a 50m2 floor at least 40 times.


Prior to use of Osmo Wash & Care the floor should be hoovered/swept to remove any dust or debris.  Further to this the concentrated solution should be diluted with warm water (1 capful per litre of water). Once wet a mop should be squeezed out to remove excess water, and the floor then damp mopped, to avoid penetration of water into the joints of the floor boards. If there is excess moisture on the floor once it has been mopped then this should be removed using a dry mop/cloth. In order to remove stains (e.g. marker pen) the Osmo Wash & Care concentrate can be applied undiluted with a cloth.  Once the stain has been rubbed away the concentrate should be wiped off with a clean cloth, in order to ensure that no residue remains.

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Osmo Wash & Care is supplied in individual 1 litre containers.